Top 5 Effective Hair Loss Tips For Men

Nowadays the hair loss is a common problem worldwide that affects both the gender with the same ratio and around one-third of the total demographic figure is affected by the same. The hair loss problem occurred mostly due to the genetic factor, scientifically known as the Androgenic alopecia; which presents the male pattern baldness and the female pattern baldness with a different pattern of hair loss in both the gender. To address the hair loss issue, it is important to know about the causes of the problem as the temporary or external factors also play a crucial role besides the genetic one! The hair fall with 90-100 hair strands daily is a natural phenomenon and no need to worry, but if you are experiencing severe hair fall in a clump while combing or showering with more than 100 strands, it is an alarming stage of baldness. You need to consult with your hair loss Doctor as soon as possible.

The medical data based on the plastic & cosmetic surgeries, 2017 in India revealed this fact that around 80-90% of cosmetic surgeries are done in India alone due to the benefits of the expert Surgeon & Doctor, great facilities & care, which is easily available at the affordable cost option. This record is increasing day-by-day with the increased number of foreign patients who are planning their restoration procedure in India. Patients from western world countries, such as America, Europe, Australia, New York, and Canada are interested to join the medical tourism of India. The hair transplant in Australia is a costly option and patients from Australia are more interested in visiting India for the plastic & cosmetic procedure, especially the hair restoration.

Here we are describing the Top 5 Effective Hair Loss Tips for Men are as follows:

  1. Regular Shampooing is a better Option: Regular hair wash with a chemical or sulphate-free shampoo is a good way to prevent the scalp from infections. Washing of hair daily is a part of hair loss prevention option as the process removes the dust and scabs from the scalp and supports the hair growth. The regular shampooing or washing hair lowers the chances of infections and dandruff.
  2. Incorporate the Vitamin and Protein-rich diet with daily meal: It is an essential to incorporate the vitamin and protein-rich diet in your daily meal to promote hair growth by supplying nutrients and blood flow to the hair roots. Vitamins are essential to hair growth as vitamin A encourages the production of Sebum, which is good for scalp health, Vitamin E for better blood circulation to support hair follicles to grow and remain active. Vitamin B helps in maintaining the natural colour of hair.
  3. Scalp Massage is good for Hair Growth: Those who are experiencing the severe hair fall can start daily regular massage of scalp with essential oil. The massage process can strengthen the process of blood circulation, which stimulates the hair follicles and encourages the hair growth. Add two or more mixtures of essential oils, such as lavender, coconut, and almond oil and use this mixture for the scalp massage.
  4. Increasing Water intake: It is essential to keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water. Drinking more water daily helps in blood circulation process, which provides nutrient to hair roots and support the healthier hair growth. It is recommended to drink 7-8 glass of water daily for maintaining the blood supply of bodies.
  5. Exercise & Meditation: Do spare some time for exercise & meditation daily to keep your body healthy by increasing the metabolic activity as well as supporting the blood circulation activity helps in hair growth.


Summarizing all, we can say that the tips to prevent hair loss works a lot and accelerate the hair growth that must be followed if you are affected by the hair loss problem. The above-mentioned tips have a great role in supporting the growth of hair follicles.