The exam saviour

Sometimes we overwork our brain too hard that we tend to forget, literally forget things, things we were just thinking of a few seconds ago. Being tired, our brain seems to function more slowly and tends to drift off or just shuts down completely. While this is ok when you’re about to sleep, it can prove to a disadvantageous if you are just about to do something that requires a lot of mental working involved, like exams.

Days before exams, students tend to overwork and overload their brains with so much information that sometimes the brain cannot handle everything and shuts down… especially during examination time. This result of overworking the brain too much might just be the deciding factor whether you can pass your exam (which you have been painfully studying for all week long) or not. People who have experienced this usually turn to “natural” supplements that enhance brain functions such as noopept to help them recover.

It gives your brain a much needed noopeptalk

Studying can be hard, and as a result of that, your brain becomes tired usually right before taking the exam. Very timely, right? This is where Noopept comes in and saves the day (and your grades), taking the stimulant will kick start your brain and improve several cognitive functions needed for you to pass the exams.

 Cognitive functions like being able to think clearly, remembering almost everything that you’ve studied as well as being able to focus on the exams and not let your brain drift away and think about other things like what you’re going to do or where you’re going to go after the exams. One other great thing about this is that you can feel the effects almost immediately. No wonder why it’s becoming more popular with students.

Learning and memory upgrades

This is probably one of the most recognized benefits this specific stimulant has. It allows you to take in more information than the usual and will let you retrieve that stored information just as easily. It also helps not to forget important things. Most of the time, students are so busy caught up with studies that they tend to forget other important matters such as having dinner with mom or that paper due tomorrow. This stimulant will help you remember most of the important stuff so you can say bye-bye to memory lapses, or at least keep them to a minimum.

Dosage of a genius

This certain stimulant is very potent so you only need to take only a small dose. Around 10 to 20 mg and taken as often as three times a day is the usual recommended dosage. You should not also go over 40 mg in 24 hours since you really don’t need that much and it might cause a few unwanted side effects, especially if you’re planning on using the stimulant for a long period of time.

This handy stimulant is perfect for students and in general, people who need to do mentally demanding tasks on a day to day basis. It’s not close to the (fictional?) drug from the movie Limitless, but the effects sure are just as useful.