The 5Health Benefits of Breathing in Fresh Air That Justify the Need for Air Purifiers

It is a stinging irony that human beings measure the importance of a resource not by its utility, but by the readiness of its availability. Diamonds and rubies far out-valuefood, water and air.And it seems like with time, this logic is penetrating deeper still into the recesses of the human mind.

People have completely lost touch of the importance and joy of engaging with the elements of nature every once in a while. An ordinary life today is spent holed up in rooms with zero ventilation. It is in such a day and age that it becomes imperative for people to return to their roots and inculcate practices of their ancestors into their daily lives. Knowledge precedes practice; the first small step to be taken is to acquaint oneself with the benefits of the aspects of past lifestyles that we have let go off.

Air- along with food, water and sleep- is one of the four pillars that sustain life. Fresh air is a balm to an exhausted mind and fatigued body.A mere few minutes in a place surrounded by trees and grass can lift one’s mood and whisk the stress away.Not just this, fresh air works its magic at a deeper, more atomic level. However, in today’s world, it’s not easy to get access to fresh air – leave alone outdoors, not even indoors. This is where the importance of indoor air purifiers steps into play. The quality of indoor air is crucial and investing in an air purifier can go a long way in improving your breathing. This, in turn, can lead to many benefits like improved blood circulation, strengthened immune system, and increased energy.

Many times, we tend to overlook the benefits of breathing in fresh air. Read on to find out how breathing in fresh air can be beneficial and you will soon understand how important it is.

Unclogged Lungs

Fresh air kicks out sputum from the lungs, helps reduce inflammation and increases airwave space.It flushes out the air-borne toxins commonly found in traffic-ridden cities.

Boosts Immunity System

Fresh air helps generate the body’s natural soldiers (white blood cells), which in turn increases the body’s ability to fend off harmful pathogens. Also, the good bacteria residing in and on the human body naturally thrive in good quality air.

Bubbling Energy

Spending hours in confined spaces rids one of his daily oxygen requirements. The consequences of this manifest themselves in a variety of ways– fatigue being one of them. Research has shown that spending a mere 20 minutes in the lap of nature on a daily basis can power through the mind and body in a more powerful way than coffee.

Improved Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Spending hours in air depleted of oxygen can wreak havoc on people with blood pressure issues. Lack of oxygen compels the heart to work harder to make up for it, which further destabilizes an already abnormal heart rate and blood pressure.

Stress Buster

Doctors advise patients with stressful dispositions to spend as much time outside in free, fresh air as possible.Breathingoxygen-rich air instantly calms down the mind.

Recent happenings in India, such astheemergency-level toxicity of the air in and around Delhi have thankfully brought into focus the direction in which the habits of the peopleare taking them.It is only now that the government has awoken to the ticking time bomb it has been sitting on for the past decade. The city has come to a standstill;schools have shut down and people have stopped coming out. This should serve as an example to the rest as to what happens when nature is taken for granted and no longer respected. When mankind stops taking care of nature, nature will stop taking care of him. Considering all these, it’s never too late to invest in an efficient indoor air purifier – India, Singapore or anywhere else – sothat your family can breathe in fresh air always – at least when they are indoors.