Sedation Dentistry: Why It Is A Better Option

It is always good to have the best looking set of teeth. They are not only for the function, like to aid you in eating, but at the same time, they can also affect greatly on how you look. Have you noticed those people who are always covering their mouths when smiling? You might be wondering why they have that annoying mannerisms like they are hiding something or what! Well, it is true, they are indeed hiding something and those are their teeth. It could be that their teeth are not the most perfect and they are embarrassed to show them to the world.

Are you also like this? If you are, what are the reasons why you are insecure about your teeth? Are they not that white or maybe you have missing teeth? If that is the case, you should check out one of the dentists in your area like the dentist in Burke, Virginia. That is if you happen to be one of the residents in that area.

This dentist is practicing sedation dentistry? What is sedation dentistry and why it might be your best option?

What is sedation dentistry?

When you say sedation dentistry it, means that while you are receiving a dental procedure like maybe dental implant for example, a type of medicine is used so that you will just have the said procedure comfortably. Yes, through sedation dentistry, you will not feel any pain at all and this is even why, it is also called sleep dentistry through you are actually just wide awake.

What are the usual levels of sedation used?

  • Minimal sedation – quite relaxed but still awake
  • Moderate sedation which used to be called conscious sedation – you can be considered half awake like you are not that aware of what’s happening around you and your words are kind of slurred.
  • Deep sedation – almost asleep but can still be awakened
  • General anaesthesia – you are completely unaware of what’s happening around you. You are not conscious.

Most of the time, if the procedure done to you is actually just slightly painful, you might not be sedated. However, if the dentist will think that you cannot tolerate the pain the procedure will generate, then the dentists will then decide what level of sedation will be injected to you.

There are really times when our fear will get the better of us. But with the availability of sedation dentistry in Burke VA, there is no reason at all to be wary.