Reports suggest an increase in the total number of vapers – What makes them vape more?

There are several people who are suffering from COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are recommended to quit smoking cigarettes. Due to this suggestion, there are many who have begun to take resort to electronic cigarettes which are also called e-cigs as they’re touted to be a safer alternative to tobacco. Electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the year 2003 and these devices were received with open arms by all those who found it tough to ditch the habit of smoking.

With the enhanced scrutiny of electronic cigarettes by the FDA, the nicotine delivery systems were announced formally in 2016. They include different components like cartridges, e-liquids, atomizers and flavorings.

E-cigarettes – How do they work?

Electronic cigarettes are devices powered by battery which are filled with solutions of water, nicotine and propylene glycol. E-cigarettes are cylindrical and they appear to be like cigarettes. Once you take a puff on an electronic cigarette, the battery heats the solution and creates the vapor which can be inhaled. This sensation and experience is called vaping. You will get your best vape pens in sites like where you can order the best vape pen online.

Nicotine is the main stimulant that is found within tobacco which leads to the cigarette addiction but it isn’t considered as carcinogenic. When you remove tar from the experience of smoking, this becomes a safer alternative or option for the person and this is what is exactly done in vaping.

The benefits of using electronic cigarette

In spite of the regulation by the Food and Drug Administration and the restrictions of the state and local government, there are several proponents who believe that the advantages of e-cigarettes outweigh their pitfalls. There are several researches which support the view. As per a report published by Cancer Research UK, it was seen that people who consciously made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones had low levels of carcinogens in the body.

The nicotine in take in an electronic cigarette can be regulated by the vaper as per his wish and the lower is the level, the better it is for their health. It was also seen that with the conscious switch made by smokers to quit smoking and take to vaping was successful due to the electronic cigarettes.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can quit smoking and take to vaping, you can start off by ordering your first vaporizer from any online or offline store.