Interesting Facts about Plastic Surgery

If we go in the past, we will see that plastic surgery was present many centuries ago. The kind of augmentation procedures and cosmetic surgery we see at present was available even in 1800. Although the technique used in these surgery has changed dramatically the basics of plastic surgery remains on the same lines as it was in 18th century. Dr. Michael Miroshnik is among those persons who have witnessed the various changes in this field in their long career.

People have always been conscious about their appearance ever since the civilization evolved. In order to make people more appealing in their looks, surgeons of that time also tried to use new ways to perform cosmetic surgery. People used to go for methods like tattooing or piercing to look beautiful. The specialized techniques included snipping, ripping, stitching, injections that were most popular among people in those days which later turned into reconstructive surgeries. Here are some interesting facts about plastic surgery that you may not know:

  1. Plastic Surgery was thought to be a Sin: It is obvious that plastic surgery in those days was not that popular as it is now. Actually it was thought to be so sinful that very rare people could dream of plastic surgery. They could not accept the idea of someone changing God’s creation by spilling blood. People also believed in witches and they used to think that this procedure is similar to that of black magic. The idea of plastic surgery got its acceptance among people when they saw that wounded soldiers could be treated well with this type of procedure.
  2. Plastic Surgery was executed in Barbershops: You will be surprised to know that before the 18th century, plastic surgery was performed by barbers in their shops where no sterilization was used. The men who worked there were expected to know how to pull teeth or amputate one’s limbs along with the knowledge of haircut. These barbers were aptly called “barber surgeons.”
  3. Fashion Shows for Plastic Surgery: Ramtin Kassir, a plastic surgeon became a sensation when he showcased his handiworks of plastic surgery. People, who had taken his services, were made to walk the ramp while their “before” and “after” pictures were appearing on a big screen. The various procedures that he had done on his patients were also displayed. For all this drama, doctor Kassir had to face lot of criticism from both the doctors and the public.
  4. Social Media, A cause for Rise in Plastic Surgery: The rise in plastic surgery due to social media shows how it can influence people. In 2013, selfie was just a word in the Oxford dictionary which slowly crept in the common man’s life. The social media sites such as Instagram, Face book, twitter, and Snapchat, are loaded with the selfies of people from all age groups. People want to upload their most beautiful pictures on these sites and for that they do not hesitate to go under the knife. Their sole purpose is to look attractive on social media.

Now-a-days, plastic surgery is on the rise and more and more people are opting for this procedure. If you also want to look appealing and beautiful, you can contact Dr. Michael Miroshnik.