Important Things Worth Knowing About Laser Hair Removal

Most women, and men, don’t like the idea of waxing and shaving to get rid of unwanted hair. If you are one of them, you should certainly consider laser hair removal. Well, laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. In the simplest terms, concentrated light beam is used into the hair follicles, and the pigment absorbs the light, causing the hair to follicle to fall off. Below is a list of benefits, pros and cons of laser hair removal.

Why go for laser hair removal?

Unlike waxing or shaving, the results with laser hair removal are more permanent. Epilation Laser Plus duet can be used to get rid of coarse and dark hairs easily, without causing damage to the skin. The entire process of laser hair removal can be done in a short time. For example, upper lip hair removal takes less than a couple of minutes, while for your back and legs, you can expect to spend an hour at the clinic. The hair loss is usually permanent, but you may need anywhere between three to four sessions.

Getting ready for laser hair removal

First and foremost, choose a clinic that you can rely on.  The overall effects and benefits of laser hair removal also depend largely on the expertise and credentials of the technician or doctor doing the procedure. Usually, patients are advised against waxing and plucking at least six weeks prior to the procedure. It is also important to avoid sun damage to the skin for six weeks before and after laser hair removal. You may need to wear eye protection during the process. A gel is usually applied on the skin to help the laser get inside the skin. The pulse of light is then used on the area, and once the process has been completed, ice packs are used for reducing the discomfort. The next appointment after the first one is about four to six weeks later. You need to come back for more sessions, unless hair growth has stopped completely.

As for the cost and other aspects, the pricing can differ with each clinic. For full bikini, legs and underarms, you can expect to pay a little over $250 on an average. Please note that there are minimal side effects related to laser hair removal, so talk to your doctor before you take the plunge. Most people are considered to be ideal candidates for the procedure.