How Men Can Get Rid of Nose Blackheads In 5 Simple Steps

Blackhead spots can be unsightly and frustrating. They commonly occur on the nose and face and can be irritatingly difficult to get rid of. If your cleaning and cleansing regime is not working to get rid of black heads then it is time to take action.

Facemasks may not spring to mind as an option for clearing blackheads, but Misfit Cosmetics’ blackhead mask extraction paste really is the best solution for getting rid of blackheads. This simple peel off paste can be applied only to the problem areas and takes only 15-30 minutes to completely remove blackhead spots from your face.

This skincare technique is becoming extremely popular with men in the UK looking to clear unwanted blackheads from their nose. Here we look at the 5 simple steps to removing blackheads with this paste:

1 – Wash 

The first important step is to wash your face with warm water, ensuring that the face is thoroughly clean. The warm water will remove oil and will also help to open the pores for a more effective treatment.

2- Apply blackhead extraction paste

Apply the treatment to all of the areas of the face that are affected with blackheads. Apply a thick layer of treatment and ensure that all affected areas are properly covered. Usually, this is the forehead, nose and chin. The mask does not need to cover the face and patches of treatment do not need to be connected in any way. Remember to keep the mask off of your clothes and all materials.

3 – Play the PlayStation

You then have 15-30 minutes to kill while the treatment works, so grab the controller play some FIFA on the PlayStation or kick back with a beer. As the mask drys, you will feel it tugging at the skin, but you should void the temptation to touch, scratch or poke it. Doing so may simply pull the mask away from the skin too soon.

4 – Peel it off

This is where the satisfying bit comes in. When the mask is fully dried and feels tight on the skin then you can peel it off slowly. The mask will come off in dry flakes and will pull visible blackheads out of your face as you pull it off. You’ll be able to see and feel the difference immediately and can see all of the blackheads on the mask.

5 – Rinse your face and clean it to make sure all of the mask has been removed. You’ll be amazed at how much smoother and better looking your skin is straight away.

If the treatment doesn’t get all of the blackheads first time around then you can repeat the process. Each tube will offer a number of treatments and will enable you to completely rid yourself of blackheads in no time.

Having a hot shower before treatment can also help to open the pores up wider and can make the treatment even more effective than when using warm water to clean your face beforehand.