Four Reasons an Annual Oral Exam should not be Missed

Your busy lifestyle can easily make you forget about your annual oral exam. Before you know it, it has been a couple of years since you last visited your College Station dentist. While a dental visit seems just a routine, it is a significant part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Here’s why you should see your dentist every year-

Be Free of Tartar and Plaque

While plaques are harmless on their own, they feed on sugars in foods you consume and release acidic byproducts. The latter will eat away at your enamel, resulting in cavities, gum disease and sensitivity. Daily brushing and flossing eliminate the majority of the plaque; however, it is not easy to clean that part next to your gum line. The buildup of tartar can irritate the gums in which more plaques may develop.

An annual dental visit will let you get a thorough cleaning on each surface of your teeth. Tartar and plaque buildups will be eliminated using specialized instruments. Also, your dentist will check your teeth and gums for any sign of disease.

Spot Deeper Dental Issues

Some dental concerns require specialized equipment to be spotted and addressed. Annual exams can include X-rays. Depending on the status of your oral health, your dentist is likely to recommend this procedure. An X-ray is able to reveal the underlying condition of your teeth and jaw. Also, they can disclose issues such as impacted teeth, forming cavities, tumors and abscesses.

Get Screened for Oral Cancer

Annual oral exams can include cancer screening. Your dentist will check discoloration, tooth sensitivities, growths, and abnormalities on X-ray and pay attention to common signs of oral cancer. Being diagnosed early can make a significant difference in treating cancer and your dentist has the ability to spot warning signs.

Spot Daily Issues

An annual oral exam is more than just a few X-rays and dental cleaning. Your teeth say what your daily habits are, from the drugs you take to the foods you consume. In case something is impacting your oral health, your exam provides your dentist the chance to spot it.

Your dentist will ask you if you have been brushing and flossing your teeth effectively every day. Also, they may also ask if you experience frequent headaches since this can indicate day or nighttime teeth grinding. Some of the medications you take may make you experience dry mouth and cause your teeth to look yellow.