Ever Wanted a Steam Roller for Your Vaporizer?

Maybe you’ve recently started getting into vaporizing your ground up cannabis buds instead of combusting and smoking your herb with traditional methods. That’s a healthy choice for anybody to consider, but I applaud those that transition to vaping from a smoke-heavy lifestyle of hitting bongs and steam roller pipes. For anyone that’s super used to huge clouds of thick, pleasantly harsh smoke, it can definitely be a pretty shocking change to switch over to a little bit of vapor that dissipates into the air so quickly. There’s at least one vaporizer model out there by Herbalizer which actually supplies a steam roller accessory, however, for all you steam roller lovers out there. It’s super simple to use and works exactly like a steam roller for smoke, except you attach it to the mouthpiece of the vaporizer. Hold your finger on the carb and watch your vapor fill the chamber of the attachment, then let the nostalgia take you away as you inhale and exhale a huge cloud of super THC-rich vapor.

The Herbalizer Steam Roller attachment for their desktop vaporizer is a solid nine inches of durable glass. It’s a simple and traditional design, exactly what a steam roller should be. There’s a nice large carb on it for swift vapor intake, as well as the Herbalizer logo embellished onto it. The mouthpiece is smooth and wide, and makes for easy and safe usage. Some rubber cool grips attach from the Herbalizer’s mouthpiece to the back end of the accessory to create a tight seal.

Just start up the vape as you normally would, then inhale through the glass mouthpiece while holding down the carb, and let the chamber fill up with vapor until it’s white and opaque. Herbalizer even includes a neat little cooling bonus inner chamber so that you experience little to no irritation no matter how big of a rip you take. Watch out though, vapor can be quite a bit more potent by volume than smoke is, but takes a bit longer to kick in generally. That means you might end up being a lot more stoned than you were hoping to be after twenty minutes of abusing this bad boy. Use with caution!