Dangerous Consequences of Getting Exposed to Asbestos

Asbestos is one of the common materials used in the construction industry. Many companies have put a ban on its use due to the serious health issues that it can cause a person. Asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma are the three main diseases that are caused due to asbestos exposure. These are so dangerous that it can lead to disability or death of a person.

How does Asbestos cause harm to the body?

Entering of asbestos fibers in the body is the very common method to cause damage to the body. This happens during the process of inhalation. In fact, asbestos contains material that is not found to be dangerous till it releases fibers or dust into the air to be ingested or inhaled.

Many of asbestos fibers get trapped inside the mucous membranes of throat and nose from where they can be removed. When the fibers reach into the lungs or are swallowed, then it reaches the digestive tract and causes health problems in the body. Due to the dangerous health issues caused by asbestos, international coalition calls for global asbestos ban.

Asbestos is seen to be very hazardous when it is in friable form. The word “friable” implies that asbestos when crumbled by applying pressure of hand, releases fibers into the atmosphere.

How a person gets exposed to asbestos?

There are several possibilities that can expose a person to asbestos. Some of these ways are floor tiles, ceiling tiles, undamaged lab cabinet tops, fire doors, shingles, siding shingles, etc. that contain asbestos.  These things won’t release asbestos fibers until and unless they are disturbed in some way. If the ceiling tile gets drilled or broken, then it can release fibers in the air that will pollute the environment.

Other reasons that can contribute towards spreading of asbestos in the air are continual vibration, water damage, and physical impact such as grinding, drilling, cutting, buffing, striking or sawing. These are the reasons that can cause the materials to break down and make it easy to release fibers in the air. MesotheliomaHelp.org is a highly valuable resource to find methods to treat Mesothelioma caused due to asbestos exposure in a person.   

What type of illnesses can be caused by asbestos?


Asbestosis is an acute, severe, and non-cancerous respiratory ailment. When asbestos fibers that are inhaled in the body get aggravated, then it leads to development of scar. Though there is no permanent cure for asbestosis, it can lead to fatal or disabling consequences.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer leads to largest cases of deaths every year. Common symptoms of this ailment are change in breathing rhythm, coughing, shortness of breath, hoarseness, persistent chest pains, and anemia.


Mesothelioma is a very rare type of cancer that occurs in the interior membrane lining of chest, lungs, and abdomen region.


Asbestos has been widely used material in construction site. Owing to its harsh consequences, its use has been disallowed in several countries. Learning about the harm it causes to a person creates more awareness and help them take proper preventive measures.