7 Things You Do Not Want to Know About Addiction Treatment

There are a lot of things that you may want to know about addiction treatment and a lot of articles on those things. There are also a lot of things that you probably did not want to know about addiction treatment but should know. This is a list of the things that you probably did not want to know about addiction treatment. It is not meant to frighten, it is meant to encourage you to seek the treatment that you need.

1. You will Probably Always have Cravings

Your brain may be hardwired to addiction. This will cause you to crave your drug of choice for the rest of your life. Although not all drugs cause this, most of them do. Many people report cravings years after treatment. It is not at all uncommon.

2. Addiction can be Treated but not Cured

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a chronic disease. This means that there is a good chance that you will relapse before finally ending your addiction. Relapse is not something that you should be afraid of. It is something that a good treatment facility will teach you to deal with.

3. It might take Some Time to Find the Right Treatment

There are dozens of treatments and hundreds of treatment centers including treatment centers in every state. There are treatment centers in every state and for every style of addiction. There is a treatment and a center out there for everyone. Finding the right one might take some time and help.

4. You will Need to Cut Ties to Some Things that you Love

You will need to stop doing some things that you love. You may even need to stop seeing someone you love in order to recover without relapse. This is a part of recovery. Inevitably, there is someone or something that you used in the past that is tied to the drugs or alcohol.

5. Continuing Treatment can Last a Long Time

After formal rehab or inpatient treatment, you will probably need continuing care. Addiction treatment is not a quick process. It takes both time and effort. Continuing treatment can take months or years particularly if you have a co-occurring disorder.

6. It will be a While Before you Feel Normal Again

Although the definition of normal varies from person to person, it will take a long time for you to feel like yourself again. This means the self that you were before the addiction. You might even never feel like that again, you will feel better than that because you will know how to handle life events better.

7. You will Need Help and Support

You will need both help and support during your treatment. This is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need help finding California rehab centers or rehab centers in any state, call us at 800-654-0987. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are not alone. All you have to do is call.