Should people who are not able to quit cigarettes switch to vaping?

If you thought that switching to electronic cigarettes will solve all your health issues that you faced as a smoker, you’re wrong. Electronic cigarettes or vape pens are still addictive and there are several studies which prove that they too have a long-term bad impact on your cardiovascular health. However, if you compare with conventional tobacco cigarettes, which are full of toxins and tar, electronic cigarettes, can be a less-risky option. Utilizing different mathematical models, researchers computed that this could set an impact on public health if Americans who smoked tobacco cigarettes switched to electronic cigarettes.

Nevertheless, before you choose the best e-cigarettes, you should go through the reviews that you find written at E Cigarette Reviews UK, through which you can decide whether or not you should use them to quit smoking and why you should make this switch. Here are few valid reasons.

  • There’s no ash

Electronic cigarettes work by heating up a solution and turns into a vapor. Since there is no combustion involved, it won’t release any ash. When you make the switch, you can eliminate stinking and you may also bid goodbye to an ashtray that is full of butts.

  • Fewer chemicals in electronic cigarettes

As compared against the thousands o chemicals which are there inside tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have very few chemicals. There are just a handful of few chemicals which are there in electronic cigarettes. Hence, they are definitely less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

  • Wide array of e-liquid flavors

One of the best parts of using vape pens or e-cigarettes is that they have different flavors associated with e-cigarettes. If you wish to get the taste of nicotine, you can get it and apart from that, you can also enjoy vanilla, strawberry, coffee, chocolate and different other flavors like pina colada. You can therefore explore an array of tastes with vape pens.

  • Can be used easily

E-cigs are a part of the modern technology but they are rather simple to use. Majority of them are 2-piece models where the cartridge end to the battery is attached and soon after you begin puffing. The battery will activate automatically and this will create vapor which is exhaled from the mouthpiece.

  • No chances of cancer

There are 70 carcinogens in tobacco cigarettes. However, in case of e-cigs, there is only propylene glycol, nicotine and other food flavorings which you can choose from the grocery store. Hence, e-cigarettes reduce the risk of cancer.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the ways in which you can benefit by switching to vaping and quitting smoking, take into account the above listed points.