How should men deal with their mental disorders and regain normalcy?

Both anxiety and depression are most of the common mental health conditions which are experienced by the young. One among eight men within the age of 16 and 24 suffer from depression and anxiety at least once in a year. Most often, such symptoms aren’t identified and hence most of them go untreated. There are few signs and signals which are usually passed off or ignored as a part of the ‘growing-up’ phenomenon. In case you’re someone who thinks that someone you know might be suffering from anxiety and depression, watch out for the signs of anxiety, listen to what the person has to say, speak about what’s disturbing in his life and take action along with him.

Dealing with the warning signs

Both women and men experience different kinds of mental disorders but the way they talk about the issue may be different. This is one among the reasons when the symptoms are different too. There are some men who suffer from anxiety or depression and they tend to hide their emotions and sometimes get aggressive while many of them express sadness. On the other hand, there are some men who may turn to alcohol to cope up with their emotional problems. A racing heart, ingoing headaches, tightening chest and digestive problems can be few signs of emotional issues.

Few warning signs:

  • Irritability, anger or aggressiveness
  • Noteworthy changes in level of energy, mood or appetite
  • Concentration issues, constant feeling of restlessness
  • Too much sleeping
  • Hopelessness of sadness
  • Feeling stressed or increased worry
  • Getting suicidal thoughts
  • Getting involved in high risk activities
  • Having trouble in emoting
  • Digestive problems, pain or headaches
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Unusual thoughts or behaviors which are concerning other people
  • Behaviors and thoughts which interfere with family, work or social life

Coping with mental health issues

Apart from seeking help of e-counseling companies like, there are few other ways of treating such issues like depression and anxiety.

  • Connect with people and avert isolation

People with depression usually cut themselves off from the world outside. But this will have a downside impact on your health. Talk your problems with people whom you can rely on.

  • Know few relaxation techniques

Relaxing the muscles and deep breathing are the basics of all well-known relaxation techniques and you should start practicing them for your own benefit.

  • Go for a better diet

Make sure you take 4-6 small meals through the entire day instead of 2-3 bigger ones. This stabilises your blood sugar level and gives you more energy to deal with your problems.

Therefore, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, you can be affected with different mental health issues. Take into account the above mentioned facts to help yourself overcome them.